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Mieux vaut en rire...

You Have to Laugh...

Le Temps qu’il reste (The Time that Remains) starts showing.

Written by Cinéma Excentris, published on 3 February 2011

Some killjoys claim that certain subjects are just no laughing matter, plain and simple. Thankfully, a point of view that did not keep Roberto Benigni from directing Life is Beautiful or Charlie Chaplin from filming The Dictator.

In the same vein, Elia Suleiman has borrowed from his parents’ experiences to illustrate, in a very funny way, this story of an "Israeli-Arab" family from 1948 to today.

And obviously, he is right on the mark. “One can hardly say so much, by talking so little. Be so moving, while firmly refusing to play with emotion. Bring about so many smiles with the same repeated goofy gags, amidst such intense melancholy.” writes Danièle Haymann in the French Weekly Marianne.

Le Temps qu’il reste (The Time that Remains)

- February 4 to 7: 2:00pm > 4:00pm > 7:35pm
- February 8: 1:00pm > 6:45pm
- February 9 and 10: 2:00pm > 4:00pm > 7:35pm

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