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  • Un amour de jeunesse

  • Un amour de jeunesse

Paris, winter 1999, Camille 15, and Sullivan 19 are madly in love. Sullivan wants to leave to South America for a year, Camille is desperate. At the end of the summer, Sullivan leaves and a few months later he stops writing to Camille. She tries to kill herself.

2003. Camille is studying architecture. She meets Lorenz, a renown architect. They fall in love and she gets her self confidence back.

2007. Camille and Lorenz are now a stable couple. Camille is Lorenz’s assistant, but figure she will soon be able to launch her own business. Sullivan is back. Even if the first contact is not friendly, Camille starts to see him again. She has never stop loving him and he becomes her lover.



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