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En vedette ce mois-ci à l'Excentris | Cinéma Montréal
  • The Girl in the White Coat

  • La Fille au manteau blanc

Inspired by Nikolai Gogol’s short story The Overcoat, The Girl in the White Coat is about Elise, a woman guided by her own sense of right and wrong. Living a solitary life, she is devoted to her simple job at a factory where she is mocked by her coworkers because of her old, threadbare white coat.
When Elise decides that it is time to repair the coat despite the cost, she embarks on a journey that places her clear-cut values on a collision course with the forces of a dark world. She becomes involved in a case of mistaken identity and gets lured into an intricate plot that will change the course of her life.

  • June 22 to 27
  • Darrell Wasyk, Quebec, 113 min, O.V. French and English
    S.T. French

    Starring: Pascale Montpetit, Joey Klein, Monique Mercure, Louise Marleau, Julien Poulin


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