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En vedette ce mois-ci à l'Excentris | Cinéma Montréal
  • The Healing Power of Sex (Sexe, tendresse, caresses... pour corps malade)

  • Sexe, tendresse, caresses... Pour corps malade

These are stories of ordinary courage and resolve, of unknown heroes fighting a formidable
enemy with just their available earthly means and medical assistance.
Here, we are light years away from the advertised pursuits of a perfect body and unrivaled
individual performances. This concerns ordinary people wounded in their body and soul, trying
to regain the fulfilling sexual life that once was. We are talking here about sexual activity within
the realm of tenderness and sensuality. For, when sexuality is threatened by sickness – and
more particularly by cancer - it becomes a forbidden subject. Nobody wants to talk about it.

It is as if the patient had suddenly become sexless, turned into an angel.
In our age of galactical heroes and extreme feats, these are simple individuals going through a
struggle of truly epic proportions. Breast and prostate cancer, the two most common types of
cancer, has devastating consequences on the intimate life of those afflicted. We shall see how
theses “ordinary heroes” overcome apparently impossible odds to resume harmonious sexual
relations, is an inspiring and enriching lesson to all on the true art of living.

  • January 13 20111
  • Marquise Lepage, Quebec, 92 min, O.V. French

    With participating health professionals and sexologists.


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