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En vedette ce mois-ci à l'Excentris | Cinéma Montréal
  • No One

  • No One

The story of Maria, a Central American immigrant forced to leave her family in search for a better life. On her way to the United States, she has to cross Mexico were she experiences a nightmare. No one is about the courage and the injustice committed to thousands of Central American immigrants. They are tortured, raped, robbed and killed by several groups. Before saying goodbye to Maria, we promise her to go look for her family in Honduras and deliver a message.

  • January 21 at 9:15pm
  • De nadie
    Tin Dirdamal, Mexico, 82 min, O.V. Spanish
    S.T. English

    Audience Award – Sundance 2006


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Excentris Movie Theatre