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  • Le Météore

  • Le Météore

Forty-something Pierre is serving a 14-year prison sentence. His mother, who is approaching 80, visits him every week. Suzanne, Pierre’s current wife, has moved on since he was sent away.

Each character gives us a frank account of a period in their lives that seems suspended in time by the fragile connection between life “on the inside” and the world outside.

Their destinies are linked by crime, guilt and loneliness, and like casualties of love and desire, they are dying to stick their heads above water and breathe the air of life.

  • Available eveywhere in Canada until May 9 2015
  • François Delisle, with Noémie Godin-Vigneau
    Dany Boudreault
    Brigitte Pogonat
    85 min, O.V. French

    Selected at the Sundance Film Festival (2013)
    Selected at the Berlin Film Festival (2013)


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