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  • DOCVILLE : Big Boys Gone Bananas

  • DOCVILLE : Big Boys Gone Bananas

In 2009, RIDM screened a Swedish documentary called Bananas!*, which chronicled Nicaraguan banana plantation workers’ lawsuit against the Dole corporation for exposing them to a pesticide that caused sterility. The documentary about the massive trial, whose outcome could have set a valuable precedent for thousands of exploited workers, was highly successful around the world. But there’s another part of the story: without even seeing the film, Dole did everything it could to suppress it.

Big Boys Gone Bananas!* is the story of Dole’s attacks on Bananas!*, from its première at the Los Angeles Film Festival to the long media and legal fight the filmmakers had to wage to save their film, careers, reputation and freedom of speech. A gut-wrenching but fascinating look at how some corporations use their immense political and economic power to try to silence documentary cinema.

Source : Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal

  • June 28
  • Fredrik Gertten, Sweden, O.V. anglaise et suédoise
    S.T. English


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